bags-full of fun to keep kids entertained for hours

What are Boredom Bags?

Bags-full of fun to keep kids entertained for hours!

Boredom Bags are packed full of awesome activities to help kids aged 2-100 get creative, discover science & nature, learn new skills and above all... have fun!

Fun games

• Arts & crafts

• Tasty recipes

• Cool science-hacks

• Interactive activity cards

• Plus much more!

All the materials you’ll need (except for a few inexpensive household items) are included along with simple instructions. So, whether it’s a quick 5 minute game or a project for an entire afternoon – Boredom Bags will keep kids busy and happy for weeks.

Brilliant as gifts for grandchildren, godchildren, neighbours, nieces and nephews; perfect relief-packages for families who are having to self-isolate; or simply as bags of go-to fun that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 


What are Boredom Bags? A specially designed bag packed full of 35 awesome activities to help kids get creative, discover science and nature, learn new skills and above all... have fun! There are options your child can complete independently and things the whole family would enjoy doing together.

What’s inside a Boredom Bag? Our current 2020 Boredom Bag contains a whopping 35 activities - 10 kits with all of the resources you need + 25 awesome interactive activity cards. You’ll find jars, pots, card, balloons, egg boxes, glitter, buttons, ribbons, ping pong balls and much more! Don’t worry, just follow the simple instructions to bring each awesome activity to life.

How much is a Boredom Bag? Each Boredom Bag is £20 including P&P.

Where can I use Boredom Bags? Boredom Bags are intended to inspire creativity and fun in a way that is readily accessible, portable and not time limited. So, you can have fun at home, in the garden or on the way to the shops. For 10 minutes or an entire afternoon – it’s up to you!

Which age groups are Boredom Bags for? Boredom Bags can be enjoyed by all children aged 2-100 (optimum age 4-11). As the contents contain some small parts (ie glitter, beads, glue, bottle tops) we recommend adult supervision for younger children.

Will I need to buy extra materials? The majority of the activities in a Boredom Bag include all the items your kids will need to get cracking straightaway. However, a few will require some inexpensive everyday household goods like flour or sugar.

Do I need to buy separate bags if I have more than one child? This is up to you and whether your children would be happy to share the contents or would prefer to have their own kit/result at the end of it. Each bag will feature different colours/patterns however the activities will be the same. For example, one bag might sport a yellow balloon, another a purple one. 

How can I help with Boredom Bags recycling? At Boredom Bags UK, we are keen to reimagine and reuse recyclable products wherever possible. Not only does this keep the price point of the bags affordable for everyone but crucially it reduces waste. We’re supported by an ever expanding army of eco-warriors who are gathering recycling and unwanted craft materials so that we can be inspired by what’s donated and only buy the essentials to bring your bag to life. If you’d like to donate your recyclable items please get in touch (

We couldn’t believe how much was in there. Such a brilliant concept, executed with imagination and forethought.


I’ve loved the fact that the kids don't question whether to do it or not. They just grab one and want to have a go. It’s a nice surprise to see which ones they seem to gravitate to - and how they make things their own


Grace is over the moon about your Boredom Bag!!! It’s full of lots of really cool memories we will be making together.


What a fabulous gift full of creative ideas that our children can actually enjoy, independently and together, despite the age difference between them.


How It All Started

Ellie McPhail,

Founder, Boredom Bags UK

Boredom Bags is the creation of Sheffield based parents - Ellie (a theatre casting director and former nanny) and Kyle (a primary teacher and former actor). 

With all of the theatres having closed in March 2020 my casting work had dried up over night. However, despite the larger anxieties of the global pandemic and our house move that had been going incredibly pear-shaped Lockdown also holds a lot of happy memories for me - for the first time in ages I had proper time to enjoy, engage and play with our children without the time pressures of the school run and my split commitment of being a working mum. 

A friend had been using her lockdown time to give her house a good clear out. She regularly deposited random craft materials onto our doorstep that she was unable to take to the charity shop but couldn’t bare to throw away. I hid them in “Hilary’s Lucky Dip Bag” in the kitchen cupboard. And every day, or whenever the inevitable whining or bickering set in, we’d reach in and rise to the challenge of creating something out of what we found. We properly went for it and started documenting our creative play on my personal Instagram account @elliemcphail.

As the summer progressed and with June’s constant rain I started feeling less motivated to come up with yet more ideas of how to keep everyone entertained. I was mightily fed up of constantly cooking, tidying up and nagging. And I missed my friends and family. I thought that if I was struggling so many others must be too. With friend's living rooms, the library, soft play centres, our church, family visits etc all off limits how were we all meant to continue on like this indefinitely?

One evening Kyle and I spent an evening chatting until gone-midnight about parenting and educating children during the pandemic, and just like that Boredom Bags was conceived. We wanted to create something that would work just as well for parents as well as children. Something that provided choice (ie games, recipes, crafts, discovery, science hacks, mindfulness) and encouraged children to apply their own creative flair. Something that would hopefully give parents a bit of a breather or chance to take a work call or cook dinner whilst their child was happily engaged in some screen-free fun as well as something that enabled quality time for the whole family to enjoy together. We wanted to provide something that felt substantial, was long lasting and really importantly wasn’t going to break the bank.

We launched a local 6 week summer holiday scheme, somewhat denying the fact that we were due to move house in 3 weeks and hadn’t packed a thing. A neighbour sorted us out with a workshop space and having been gifted a small amount of money from our church’s COVID fund towards card, ink, bags and labels we appealed to our community to join us in our eco-mission to donate certain items of recycling to us (eg egg boxes, cereal packets, yogurt pots) and any unwanted craft materials that we could repurpose and reimagine into packaging and activities you would never be able to find on the high street. 28 families came on board for the summer and we had a whole lot of fun.

We moved house and everyone went back to school. At the start of October we started receiving messages from local parents asking if we had any of our Boredom Bags left, their child’s school bubble had been put into isolation or they were self-isolating and needed an injection of ideas that could easily be done from home. Cases of COVID were rising across the UK again. Parenting was undoubtably becoming tougher and another lockdown seemed inevitable. We made the decision to expand and go National in order to reach out to as many families as we could. 

It’s been less than a month now since we made that decision and already we have posted in excess of 100 Boredom Bags that have travelled as far as the Channel Islands. We are now committed to growing the business and bringing a little relief, a little joy and a lot of silliness to households across the UK.

We’d love your support. Any questions please feel to get in touch 

6 November 2020